From Wibbleton to Wobbleton


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Adventures with the Elements of Music and Movement by James Harding

In this collection, James Harding, long-time colleague and collaborator of Doug Goodkin and Sofia LÛpez-Ibor at the San Francisco School, puts forth his uniquely playful take on Orff-Schulwerk. Starting with a rhyme, a riddle, a song or a simple prop, the book maps out delightful journeys of discovery designed to awaken the curiosity and creativity of elementary-aged students. Classroom teachers and experienced music specialists will find ideas and inspiration and ideas in this book, which models hands-on, ears-open exploration of the child’s world, from eggs and chickens to the solar system. This unique book contains: Over 30 different activities Delightful, helpful illustrations by Eli Noyes (sometimes a picture is worth one thousand words!) Lessons integrating music and movement with language arts, math, and science Lesson plans for music and classroom teachers Arrangements for Orff instrument ensemble Ideas for using the Orff-Schulwerk approach without Orff instruments Reflections on the place of creative play in education Ideas for teachers for developing their own materials.

“For over twenty years, I’ve walked side-by-side with James Harding and am still amazed by the intriguing routes he discovers. Such a splendid array of sounds and sights and stories when James leads the tour! And always the invitation to the children to make their own discoveries. Here in this book, he has generously gathered his inspired itineraries so that you and the students you teach can share in these playful, profound and always surprising journeys. Bon voyage!” Doug Goodkin: Internationally Recognized Orff Teacher and Author

“James Harding’s teaching flows in a logical progression filled with joy, humor and surprises. His masterful use of materials opens our eyes to the limitless possibilities of teaching music!” Soili Perkio: Lecturer in Music Education, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki


Forward by Sofia Lopez-Ibor

Introduction: Play on the Way

How to Use This Book


About Speech Pieces

Birds of a Feather


Witches and Watches

Farmer’s Almanac

How Many Miles to Babylon?

Planetary Orbits

Friday the 13th


Working with the Voice (and Ear)

Farmer, Farmer

Cuckoo and Eggs

Locks and Keys


Working with Props

From Wibbleton to Wobbleton


Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Betty Botter

Fortune Teller/Roses are Red


Working with the Orff Ensemble

Which Came First?

Loose Teeth

Gregory Griggs

Snakes and Ladders

Billy and Me

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Modes of the Pentatonic Scale

The Wise Old Owl

Warm Hands, Warm

The Crooked Man

Dr. Suess

Mrs. Hen


Singing for the Fun of It

In Wisdom’s Lovely, Pleasant Ways

You’ve Changed

The Cuckoo

A Spring Round

‘Round the Oak Tree


Playing with the Elements of Music

Working with Musical Notation

What is Orff Schulwerk?


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