Fitness Fun for Kids (CD)

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Kids learn rhythm and coordination patterns as they move to easy steps. Ideal for small spaces too. Vocal instructions announce steps but ‘music only’ versions also included. Guide.

AGES: Pre-K to 2nd

Song List:


1. Disco Fun

2. Easy Walk

3. Slow Stomp

4. Knock Knee Bump

5. Hands Up Boogie

6. Heel Twist Hustle


7. Fancy Pants – Gary Haberman

8. Fun in the Sun – Walter Murphy

9. I’ve Got a Feeling – Joanne Valentino

10. Do It – Walter Murphy

11. The Shuttle – Walter Murphy

12. One Sweet Kiss – Walter Murphy

1 review for Fitness Fun for Kids (CD)

  1. Chloe Gioia

    Fitness is fun for everyone!

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