First, We Sing! Kodaly-Inspired Teaching for the Music Classroom


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by Susan Brumfield

Kod·ly-Inspired Teaching and its companion volumes and materials offer guidance and direction for teachers who are new to the Kod·ly approach. Experienced teachers will find fresh ideas to supplement their materials, along with another perspective on Kod·lyís philosophy and its implications for teaching today. Finally, the books and teaching materials include a sample Kod·ly-inspired curriculum guide, which can be adapted for a variety of school settings.

This Teaching Guide begins with an overview of the Kod·ly approach and a brief introduction to the philosophy, its tools and materials. It includes a detailed explanation of the ìthree-step processî (Prepare, Present, Practice) toward musical literacy, as well as a comprehensive look at musical skills and the ways they develop over time. Teachers will find K-5 curriculum mapping and yearly plans to daily lesson plans, suggestions for choosing and using quality repertoire and building apersonal song collection, and a beginning look at pedagogical analysis with ways to make the most of your materials. Lists of easy-to-find songs suggested for reading and writing at each grade level are included, indexed by element and motive.

Companion Materials (coming soon)

ï Teaching Strategies for each rhythmic and melodic element are packaged separately in two sets: Primary and Intermediate. These flexible materials are designed to allow teachers to customize the teaching sequence in order to make the most of each lesson.

Each teaching strategy contains a list of requisite readiness elements and skills (what the students need to know and be able to do) before learning the new element. It includes a list of activities to prepare for the new element, a scripted, step-by-step procedure for presenting it, and ways to practice using the new element in each skill area.

ï Activity Cards for Preparation and Practice provide fast, fun and creative ways to give your students a workout in every skill area. Each 5-7 minute activity is designed to assess either readiness or mastery at each step in the process, and students love the fun game-like context in which they used in each lesson.

New and experienced teachers alike will find First We Sing! to be a practical, flexible and creative new resource for bringing Kod·lyís approach into American music classrooms.


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