First, We Sing! 100 Little Songs and Rhymes


by Susan Brumfield

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100 Little Songs and Rhymes is a companion volume to Teaching Strategies: Rhythmic and Melodic Elements for Primary Grades. It consists of selections from the indexed K-2 Songlist, and includes the songs and rhymes suggested for preparation, presentation and practice of each element. The songs and rhymes in this starter set provide material for readiness skills in Kindergarten, and for reading and writing in Grades 1 and 2. Song melodies are provided along with game directions and activities. This collection also includes digital access to song recordings featuring a teacher model as a guide for performing and teaching the songs. Songs include: Bluebird Bluebird, Button You Must Wander, The Closet Key, Engine Engine Number Nine, Great Big House in New Orleans, Hot Cross Buns, Ickle Ockle, Johnny Works with One Hammer, Los Pollitos, Oliver Twist, and MANY more! Suggested for grades K-2.


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