by Gunild Keetman. Translated by Margaret Murray.

Elemantaria is a fundamental and practical handbook to Orff-Schulwerk. The author gives suggestions and examples without insisting dogmatically on one exclusive method. She offers well-tried solutions without excluding other possibilities and individual variations. It is not only a valuable personal document, but also a practical and essential guide for educationalists concerned with Orff-Schulwerk. The book is divided into two sections: Part One includes rhythmic, melodic and speech exercises. Part Two contains a detailed study of elementary movement training. There is an important appendix, with illustrations, on how to play the instruments used in the earley stages of teaching. Music examples, movement diagrams. Illustrated.

Author’s Preface ï Part One: Rhythmic-Melodic Exercises ï Fundamentals ï Rhythmic Exercises ï Disposition and posture ï Reaction trainig ï Finding ‘rhythmic building bricks’ ï Games with ‘rhythmic building bricks’ ï Leading a group, making up accompainments, completing phrase ï Melodic Exercises ï Disposition and posture when playing barred percussion instruments ï Accompaniements, songs, pieces ï Making up accompaniements and completing phrases ï Hints on the early stages of recorder playing ï Speech Exercises ï Word series and sayings with rhythmic accompainment ï Part Two: Elementary Movement Training ï Introduction ï Reaction training ï Gymnastic exercises ï Movement training ï Movement variations and combinations ï Movement pieces ï Elementary movement improvisation ï Movement accompaniment ï Suggestions for movement lessons for beginners ï Appendix


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