Down in the Valley (Book/CD)


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More Great Singing Games for Children.

Edited by Andy Davis, Peter and Mary Alice Amidon.

Instructions to 25 more classroom proven traditional singing games for all ages from the US and British Isles. Includes tips on teaching dance in the classroom, transcriptions of the melodies and a glossary of dance terms.

Includes CD.


Singing Games (by formation listing):

Dancers scattered facing a teacher: At the Bottom of the Sea, Chee Chee Cha, Chicken & a Chicken, Gramma Moses, Hambone, Hunt the Cows, Razzama Tazzama, The Tree Song.

Circle formation without partners: Alabama Mississippi, Boboneedle, Charlie Over the Ocean, Down Down Baby, Highland Gates, Jump Josie, Mr. B, Roger is Dead, Somebody Waiting For Me, Ti Ya Ya.

Circle Formation with partners: I Let Her Go Go, Old Brass Wagon.

Couples scattered around the room: Down in the Valley, Step It Down.

Clapping Games: 4 White Horses, Green Sally Up, Tweedle Eedle Ee.


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