Do It! Play Recorder Solo and Onstage


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by James Froseth.

Enable your students to extend their musical horizons with this culturally diverse collection of solo pieces. Included are such favorites as ìWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home,î ìThe Entertainer,î ìThe Irish Washerwoman,î ìEverybody Loves Saturday Night,î ìThe Yellow Rose of Texas,î and ìTumbalalaika.î This collection is the perfect way to provide technical and musical challenges to young students ready to move out to the center of the stage and perform solo.

Exemplary models on the included CD can motivate students to practice with enthusiasm and intensity and to reach for the highest levels of musical performance. Accompaniments performed by first-call Los Angles studio musicians provide authentic contexts for real-world music experiences.

A self-directed component to any course of music instruction is almost certain to maintain interest, increase practice time, and improve performance skills vital to the instrumental ensemble.

Play Solo and Onstage coordinates with Do It! Play Recorder Books 1and 2 and can enhance any beginning recorder course.


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