Do It! Play Percussion 1 (Book/CD)


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This major band method by James O. Froseth has it all:

Artist performers set musical standards in sound with more than 80 great performances on CD for every instrument, and one CD lasts for the entire book!

Performers include Michael Henoch (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Randall Hawes, Jeffrey Zook, Sharon Sparrow, Kevin Good (Detroit Symphony Orchestra), Albert Blaser (Cleveland State University), Brian Bowman (Duquesne University), Timothy McAllister (Crane School of Music, SUNY at Potsdam), Steve Houghton (LA percussion recording artist and clinician), Donald Sinta, Richard Beene, Bryan Kennedy, Debra Chodacki, Fritz Kaenzig (University of Michigan), Kristin Beene (Toledo Symphony Orchestra), and Jean Moorehead Libs (Plymouth Symphony Orchestra).

Professional studio backgrounds capture the rich diversity of American music culture with a repertoire of American, Latin American, African, European, and Far Eastern styles.

Music of other times includes 12th-century conductus, 15th-century Dance of the Bouffons, 16th-century French branle, 18th- and 19th-century folk songs and dances, 1940s and ’50s jazz, blues, and rock-and-roll.

The repertoire and recorded contexts are motivating, informative, and entirely musical.

Every song includes text, providing information about phrasing, rhythm, style, affect, emotion, history, and culture.

A unique Rhythmic Pattern Dictionary allows students to ìlook it upî and ìlisten up.î

An individualized format allows students to progress at different rates with a ìtheme and-variationî format.

Ear training and improvisation are integral parts of the lesson format.

A 550+ page teacher’s resource edition and musical score provides options galore, including a double CD with ìlisten and playî exercises for group instruction, supplementary exercises for technical development, and resource material for improvisation and composition. All the resources needed for teaching to the National Standards for Music are provided. (Coordinates with rhythm flashcards)


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