Dances in a Line (CD)


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No partner, easy-to-learn dances ideal for co-ed classes.

AGES: 8 & Up

Song List:

1. The Bus Stop (Instructions)

2. The Bus Stop (Cues)

3. The Bus Stop (Music)

4. The 12th Street Rag (Instructions)

5. The 12th Street Rag (Cues)

6. The 12th Street Rag (Music)

7. Amos Moses (Instructions)

8. Amos Moses (Cues)

9. Amos Moses (Music)

10. The Hustle Walk (Instructions)

11. The Hustle Walk (Cues)

12. The Hustle Walk (Music)

13. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Instructions)

14. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Cues)

15. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Music)


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