Crooked River Choral Project, Vol 8 The Swing



Poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson, composed by Roger Sams with Cyndee Giebler

The Crooked River Choral Project is a collection of artful choral music composed specifically with music teaching and learning in mind. Our selections are first and foremost beautiful pieces of music. They are rooted in solid pedagogical thinking, providing music educators with rich teaching opportunities through quality literature. This series offers music with lyrics that inspire the human spirit, nurturing the best in musicians of all levels. Each title includes a download with both performance and rehearsal recordings as well as reproducible scores in pdf.


All of our CRCP octavos are now released in the Deluxe Edition format, which includes Kodály-based teaching plans by Georgia Newlin and vocal health plans by Rachel Pollard. Opportunities for literacy work abound as Georgia & Rachel offer you integrated warm-ups and a solid teaching process that unfolds over the course of six to ten rehearsal periods. Use these plans leading up to your performance and not only will your students sound beautiful at their concert, but they will have improved their musicianship skills in the process of getting there.


The Crooked River Choral Project is compiled and edited by Georgia A Newlin, DMA

CRCP Volume 8: The Swing is based on Stevenson’s well-known poem about a child riding a swing high enough to, seemingly, see over the rooftops and across the countryside. The brisk 3/4 time signature combined with the ascending/descending melodic line accentuates the joyful swinging motion of the song’s narrator. Arranged so that the original two melodies become partner songs at the end, this gleeful tune will delight young singers in their ability to sing in two parts.


Digital Content (Scores):

  • Two-Part Treble Full Score (PDF)
  • Two-Part Treble Vocal Score (PDF)
  • Piano Score (PDF)
  • Teaching Plans with Vocal Production Strategies (PDF)


Digital Content (Audio Files):

  • Two-Part Treble Full Score
  • Treble I part with piano accompaniment
  • Treble II part with piano accompaniment
  • Piano Accompaniment Only



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