Capriol’s Caper (2 Scores & CD)


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by Don Muro.

Arrangement of three famous Renaissance dance tunes from Arbeau’s Orchesographie. A blend of old and new for intermediate recorder ensembles with four performance options: S, SA, SAT, SATB.

The following review is from American Recorder Magazine:

"These three famous dances of the Renaissance, originally printed in Arbeauís Orchesographie, have been arranged creatively with four separate performance options. This medley, comprised of a Tordion in triple meter, followed by Pavan and Bouffons in duple meter, will delight players as well as listeners. The accompaniment includes "authentic" percussion patterns and instrumentation. There also are some very modern sound effects that segue from the first to the second selection, suggesting an Outer Space ëversion of the stately Pavan. All of the selections are composed for the intermediate level. F-sharps and G-sharps occur throughout, with an accidental E-flat in the tenor and bass parts. Numerous eighth-note patterns require players to execute notes quickly. This arrangement would also sound effective if performed without the taped background, adding another performance possibility. What a perfect vehicle for introducing novice players and listeners to early recorder literature."






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