Basic Recorder Technique Vol. 2 (Alto)


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by Hugh Orr.

Method book for the F alto recorder. Emphasis is on technique with many musical pieces to play. Technical exercises are kept to a minimum. This volume goes beyond the low register of the recorder and extends the range of notes up to the third octave G, the highest note commonly written for the alto recorder. Music selections are mostly renaissance and baroque.

The author stresses the development of:

the ability to play any interval or passage in a tongued legato

the ability to adjust tonguing and breath-pressure in playing wide intervals

a relaxed and relatively motionless hand position

an independent fingering action in which fingers move less than half an inch from the instrument

In this volume particular stress is placed on the independent action of the left thumb, the recorder’s “octave key,” in order to develop fluency in changing registers and control over the highest notes.

There are 15 main sections to the book. In each, some new point of technique is introduced and exercises and practice pieces are given. Each main secion has also 2 subsections – rhythm and technical work.

Note progression: high A, low B, high Bb, high C, high D, high B, low C#, F#, high E, high F, high C#, high Eb, Ab, high G.


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