Autumn Songs: Music from Around the World for Orff Ensemble


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by Robert A. Amchin.

Beautiful songs and instrumental pieces about autumn from around the world. Lesson plans and teaching suggestions are included for each song. A perfect resource for every elementary music teacher!


Hop Old Squirrel (New England)

Old Roger Is Dead (New England)

One Misty, Moisty Morning (Kentucky/Great Britain)

The Sow took the Measles (Ozark Mountains)

Neesa (Seneca Nations)

Come Let’s Laugh (England)

Gone Is Autumn’s Kindly Glow (England)

Hasuka Ma Yafa (Israel)

Couleurs D’autumne (France)

Mushi no Koe (Japan)

Namo Rugeliai (Poland)

Autumn Leaf Rap

Non-Rhythmic Autumn Poetry (Haiku)

Non Rhythmic Autumn Poetry (Cinquain)


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