Around The World in 30 Tunes


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Selected and edited by Sonya Burakoff

Illustrations by John Mahlmann

Selected and edited by Sonya Burakoff, illustrations by John Mahlmann. Set off on your musical journey around the world as you visit 21 countries via 30 tunes. The music has been chosen to reflect the diversity, beauty and fun of the world’s folk song literature, with charming and appropriate illustrations for each tune. All of these selections are suitable for beginning to intermediate players, and chord symbols have been included for guitar or other chordal instruments. The combination of music and art will delight the eye and ear of recorder players on this song-filled voyage. For soprano recorder.



  • Down in the Valley (US)
  • Cuckoo (Germany)
  • The Potter (Peru)
  • Obwisana (Ghana)
  • Liza Jane (US)
  • Maytime (Switzerland)
  • Chichipapa (Japan)
  • Turtle Dove (US)
  • Mice and Crickets (Austria)
  • Ozark Mountain Tune (US)
  • My Homes’s In Montana (US)
  • Frere Jacques (France)
  • Norwegian Mountain Dance (Norway)
  • The Peddler (Russia)
  • Bellflower (Korea)
  • Blow the Man Down
  • Santa Lucia (Italy)
  • Artza Alinu (Israel)
  • Chatter with the Angels (Spiritual/US)
  • The British Grenadiers (England)
  • La Cucaracha (Mexico)
  • Kookaburra (Australia)
  • The Blue Bells of Scotland (Scotland)
  • Song of the Forest (Chippewa/US)
  • Ring Song (Greece)
  • The Jasmine Flower (China)
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home (US)
  • Morning Comes Early (Czech Republic)
  • Alouette (Canada)
  • One More River (Spiritual/US)

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