Action Songs Children Love 2


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Collected by Denise Gagne.

Grades K-3

Songs Include:

– Okkitokiunga

– Johnny One Hammer

– Elevator

– I Know a Little Pussy

– My Aunt Came Back

– Grand Old Duke of York

– Do Your Ears Hang Low

– Scions du bois

– Downright Upright

– Ham and Eggs

– We Love to Sing

– Auntie Monica

– Peace Like a River

– Father Abraham

– Button Factory

– One Finger One Thumb

– My Hat

– In a Cabin

– Little Peter Rabbit

– A Pizza Hut

– Swedish Round

– Down by the Station

– Boom Boom Ainít it Great to be Crazy

– Vive la compagnie

– Savez Vous planter

– Bonhomme bonhomme

– I am a Fine Musician

– We Come From Pluto


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