We are happy to present you with our new site!  You will find that the overall look and functionality has greatly improved!


Let us tell you a little bit about our company:

Our mission at Music is Elementary is to assist you in creating a unique musical experience for learners of all ages, while providing high quality products, support and exemplary service.  Music is Elementary recognizes just how important music education and the simple art of music making is to our society.  We offer products for musicians who are playing for the first time, to music professionals.  We were founded in 1989 by our owner, William Johnson.  For 28 years, Music Is Elementary has been growing exponentially.  We started developing our own products, as well as publications.  Some of our brands include: Kinder Mallets, The Last Stand, Rhythm Works, Helping Hands, MIE Recorders and MIE publications.  We are always trying to enhance our products with the latest technology, as well as grow our product inventory.  We endeavor to be the type of company where the quality of our products are esteemed.


Orff Tabletop Stand for Glockenspiels, Accessory PercussHelping Hands - Cabasa Mount  Playing with Improvisation


We would love to hear your feedback.  Please leave any comments below if you should so wish!  


Happy Music Making, 

Your friends at Music Is Elementary


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