Purposeful Pathways Inservice Training

Free Day with Author, Roger Sams

Is your school district considering a district-wise adoption of Purposeful Pathways? Music Is Elementary offers one all-expenses-paid, free day of inservice training with Purposeful Pathways author and Director of MIE Publications, Roger Sams, with the purchase of 40 or more Purposeful Pathways books. This day of inservice, including all travel expenses, is an approximately $2,000 value and is available only to schools who negotiate their purchase directly with Music Is Elementary.

Call our store at 1-800-888-7502 or email info@musiciselementary.com to request a bid for purchase of Purposeful Pathways books and electronic visuals that includes your free day of inservice training!

Free inservice will include:

  • Introduction to the Purposeful Pathways philosophy
  • Modeling of lesson plans from Purposeful Pathways books purchased
  • Presentation of electronic visuals and how to use them effectively
  • Presentation of printable manipulatives and how to use them effectively

Teachers will learn how to use:

  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics to Kinesthetically Prepare Cognitive Learning
  • Kodály processes for teaching music literacy
  • Ostinati for cultivating part-work skills
  • Orff Accompaniments for building ensemble skills
  • Creative movement to enhance understanding of musical concepts and enhance artistry
  • Icons as a composition tool with young learners
  • Rhythmic building blocks and melodic building blocks for composition
  • Rhythms and melodies to be completed as improvisational structure
  • Use elemental phrase forms for composition and improvisation
  • Folk songs and composed pieces as models for composition, improvisation, and dance making in elemental phrase forms
  • Diverse approaches to teaching concepts and skills offering differentiated instruction