Remo Versa VS-TU09-42-SD099 9″ Pre-Tuned Tubano


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Remo Versa Pre-tuned Tubanos are a quality drum for your music classroom, therapy session, or virtually any drumming situation! These drums feature a Remo Skyndeep® head and an Acousticon® shell that is made of 99.9% recycled wood materials. This means that they will withstand climate changes, exuberant playing, and will be a long-lasting addition to your percussion collection.

Additional features of this Remo Versa Tubano include:
Attached carrying handle
Molded feet to provide comfort while playing from a sitting position, as well as balance to prevent unwanted tilting
Designed be nested with other Versa Tubanos for easy transport and storage
Drumhead can be easily removed with the included tool
Drumhead can be played as a frame drum
9″ (w) drumhead x 24.5″ (h)

TF 20 Dark head


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