Ukulele in the Classroom 1 (Student Ed.)


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by James Hill and J. Chalmers Doane.

Ukulele in the Classroom is a methodical approach to developing music literacy skills in school classrooms and other learning environments. The series features over seventy-five carefully crafted arrangements of traditional music from around the world, works by great classical composers and popular songs, each reinforcing elements of an ever-expanding skill set.

Throughout Book 1 students are singing, picking, and strumming – by ear and by note, in unison and in parts – in the keys of C major and F major. Skills in Book 1 include singing, strumming, picking, note-reading, ear training, improvising, ensemble playing, and more.

Repertoire selections – most arranged in two or three parts – include traditional English, French, Chinese, Hawaiian, African, Chilean, and Canadian songs, as well as arrangements of works by classical composers including Brahms, Benedict, and Holst.


30 fun lessons

Tons of creative exercises

Over two dozen engaging arrangements

100% "High 4th Friendly" Tuning Help



Melody picking

Duets and trios

Practical lessons in music theory

54 pages


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