Remo Rhythm Party Pack #1 – 15 People

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Remo Rhythm Party Pack for use with up to 15 people: set includes: 1 of E3-5818-17 Gathering Drum, 8″ x 18″ 1 of SS-1000-06 Sound Shapes 2 of 18-5066-SC Lemon Shakers 1 of 18-5067-SC Avocado Shaker 1 of 18-5069-SC Small Pear Shaker 1 of LK-2425-06 Tone Block with Beater 1 of RH-2106-00 RhythmClub Tambourine 1 of SS-0600-00 RhythmTools Click Clack 1 of E3-0018-BG 18″ Large Drumcase with Strap 1 of SS-0016-BG 16″ Mesh Drawstring Bag 1 of CO-0020-00 Rhythm Party CD 1 of VO-D003-00 Rhythm Party Hand Drum DVD


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