Pop-off Djembe Heads




The pre-tuned VivaRhythm® Pop Off Djembe heads are available with a black Napa coating for soft sounds or the standard synthetic finish for sharp, cutting sounds. These heads are designed to be interchangeable on your VivaRhythm®Pop Off Djembe and can be placed on or taken off the drum instantly without any tuning. Another great feature is that these heads may also be played by themselves as small hand drums without putting it on your drum. By gripping the side with one hand and striking the head with the other, resonant hand drum sounds may be achieved.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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8" Synthetic Head, 8" Napa Head, 9" Synthtic Head, 9" Napa Head, 10" Synthetic Head, 10" Napa Head, 12" Synthetic Head, 12" Napa Head, 14" Synthetic Head, 14" Napa Head


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