NSL Small 14" Tubano, 14" High

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NSL Small Tubanos that are designed to provide quality sounds with effective volume control from an acoustic instrument and is an excellent alternative when high volume is not permitted. Playing the NSL Small Tubanos with soft mallets produces a mellow bass tone that is easy on the ears and can be further reduced using the VCC, Volume Control Caps. Three NSL Small Tubanos easily nest and have a combined weight of 29 lbs. make it very portable with a carry handle. The construction of the drumhead was formulated to eliminate the high overtones and midrange tones commonly found in all types of membranes. The NSL Small Tubanos were developed with the need to be able to play in a group or individual setting where loud volume sound emission is not permitted. Great for any indoor activity like drumming in apartments or class rooms, condo, hospital, etc.

The application of group drumming, in many forms, continues its growth in fun recreational gatherings, general and music education settings as well as medical facilities of various types across the globe.  Population density continues to increase at an alarming rate in many areas of the world with Asia reaching an average rate of 90 people per one half square mile.  In the United States, a large segment of the population lives in multi-unit housing.   In other areas of the world, multi-unit dwelling is the norm.  Drumming without disturbing those nearby, presents a challenge that must be addressed…Remo has done so with the NSL Tubanos.

Remo Not-So-Loud Tubanos feature:

  • Island Finish
  • Nestable and portable, carry handle on each drum
  • Size: 14″ x 14″




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