NoteBlocks Classroom Set

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By Note Logic

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NoteBlocks is a revolutionary tactile and visual approach to teaching rhythms, notes, and music reading. Any student can understand the principals of rhythm. Effortlessly teach them to write their own rhythms with excitement.

Teaching with NoteBlocks allows for exploration and self-discovery learning using visual and tactile cause. Height is the time demention. All notes are sized according to their time value. Thus 4 quarter notes will stack to the same height as the whole note and the 4/4 time signature. 3 quarter notes will stack to the same height as the 3/4 time signature. NoteBlocks notes are 3 3/4″ long with stem.

Perfect for groups of 10-15 students.

NoteBlocks teaches students about rhythm in a tangible and fun manner. By giving students rhythm they can touch, this product facilitates a better understanding of this difficult concept. Height becomes the time value.

Each set is color coordinated for note value and includes:

  • 6 whole notes, 3 whole rest
  • 12 half notes, 6 half rests, 6 half dots
  • 24 quarter notes, 12 quarter rests, 6 quarter dots
  • 24 eighth Notes, 24 eighth rests, 6 eighth dots
  • 3 each, 4/4, 3/3, 2/4 and 6/8 time signatures
  • 24 bar lines, 6 slurs/ties
  • 36 beat mats
  • Instruction booklet

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    The students like using the NoteBlocks, especially the visual and tactile learners. However, there should be sixteenth notes included in the set.

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