MagNotes Classroom Set


By Note Logic

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The perfect magnetic notes for the classroom magnetic staff board. Everything needed to teach scales and rhythms. Melodies are more fun with MagNotes. They are color coded for student interest and for rhythm instruction. Let your students be more involved. Hands-on teaching will always be more effective than lecture. Imagine how fun and easy it will be to give the students a note and have them place it on the staff! Magnetic notes fit standard class room boards (1″ to 1.25″ spacing between lines) as well as our own PortaBoards. set includes:

  • 2 whole notes, 1 whole rest
  • 4 half notes, 2 half rests, 2 half dots
  • 8 quarter notes, 8 quarter rests, 2 quarter dots
  • 6 up eighth notes, 6 down eighth notes, 8 eighth rests, 2 eighth dots
  • 4 beam-less eighth notes, 4 beams
  • 8 beam-less sixteenth notes, 8 beams,
  • 8 bar lines,2 slurs/ties
  • 2 fours, 2 twos, 1 three, 1 six, 1 eight
  • 20 black dots
  • 1 each, treble, alto, bass clef
  • 8 Sharps 8 Flats


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