Making Each Minute Count


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by Cheryl Lavender.

Look who’s having the best time … THE MUSIC TEACHER! This comprehensive time-management resource book for the music specialist can help you stay fresh and on top of things even with back-to-back music classes.

Based on years of classroom experience, the author shares her philosophy of helping students learn HOW to learn. There are literally dozens of ideas to help you FIND time, STRETCH time, SAVE time, and MAKE more time to meet all your instructional goals. This book will place the ìmagic wandî that casts the ìmagic spellî of musical learning into your hand.

The book is divided into 12 sections to help you achieve maximum student response in minimum lesson time. You can make each minute count by choosing and adapting musical activities that appeal to your own teaching situation.

Topics include:

Attitude and Atmosphere

Classroom Management and Discipline

Incredibly Successful Teaching Strategies

Attention Grabbers

Hello and Goodbye (Personalizing Your Music Class)

Musical Warm-Ups (Mind-Body-Voice)

Introducing and Digesting New Songs

Musical Learning Outcomes (Assessment Methods)

Making the Music Room Our Own

Beyond the Music Room (Public Relations)


Forms Documents and More!

For all ages.


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