Dance Makers


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by Eric Chappelle.

Composed from 2003 to 2008, DanceMakers by Eric Chappelle features his unique mastery of the electric violin. For many of the pieces, he worked directly with choreographers and dancers to shape the music to the dance. Two pieces originated at Sweet Briar College during a residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Other pieces were commissioned by Dance Fremont, Next Stage Dance, Kaleidoscope Dance Company and by individual choreographers in Seattle. From the sublime "When Will I See You Again?" to the multi-layered fireworks of "Phoenix," DanceMakers demonstrates why choreographers and dancers love Eric’s work. Bonus tracks include the studio production, "Quiet One" and the live "Train No Train," both from a 2003 residency at Centrum, Port Townsend, Washington.



Atlas Remix

When Will I See You Again?



Train No Train



Quiet One


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