A Round My Heart


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by Roger Sams & friends.

22 songs (mostly rounds, with two sets of partner songs) to introduce singers to the joy of singing in canon. Some are for all ages and some are more suited for adults. Allow the songs to inspire you: transpose them to suit the voices of the singers in your group, and consider adding movement for a greater impact. Each song shows the melody line and lyrics.


  • A Round My Heart
  • Vibrant
  • Light Descending
  • My Hands
  • Namaste
  • Shooting Star
  • Winter Snuggle
  • The Eagle
  • Moon Cry, Autumn Leaves
  • A Holiday Canon
  • The Barren Road
  • Living in the Question Mark
  • Journey in Joy
  • In Darkness, Canon for the New Year
  • The Flight of Song
  • Moon Canon
  • Sublime Love
  • Celebration Canon
  • Dark Beauty
  • Four Seasons


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