85 Engaging Movement Activities (Book/CD)


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by Phyllis Weikart and Elizabeth Carlton.

The activities in this book will keep your Kñ6 students jogging, hopping, swaying, rocking, marching, patting, making pathways, and moving in all kinds of ways as they learn. Classroom teachers, as well as specialty teachers in physical education, music, and recreation, will find this book to be a rich source of ideas for challenging and enjoyable movement experiences. The experiences are planned around key curriculum concepts in movement and music as well as in academic curriculum areas such as math and reading. And because these experiences develop studentsí basic timing, language abilities, vocabulary, concentration, planning skills, and capabilities for cooperative decision making and leadership, teachers will see learning effects that stretch across the curriculum. An easy-to-follow plan is given for each activity, including ó

ï Suggested level (adaptable for many age groups)

ï Key experiences in movement and music

ï Curriculum concepts

ï Materials needed, including suggested music selections when applicable

ï Steps for doing each part of the activity

ï Questions for extending childrenís understanding

ï Extension ideas for creative variations.

This lively text is enhanced by many illustrations and photos. The attached music CD contains recordings that may be used with many of the activities from this book.


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