120 Singing Games and Dances for Elementary Schools


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By Lois Choksy & David Brummitt.

Collection of singing games and dances with clear concept of movement skills, sequenced from simple to complex. Easy-to-sing songs show melody line with lyrics, and clear directions for action.

For Grades K-6.

Section 1- Moving in Place.Songs & Rhymes for Moving in Place: See Saw, Rain Rain Go Away, Bye Baby Bunting, Eency Weency Spider, Hickory Dickory Dock, Wee Willie Winkie, Bobby Shaftoe’s Gone to Sea, Touch Your Shoulders, Whisky Frisky.

Section 2- Free Movement in Space.Songs for Free Movement in Space: Mighty Pretty Motion, Fly Daniel, Engine #9, Down by the Station, All Round the Brickyard, Take Your Feet out the Sand, Hop Old Squirrel, Hey Betty Martin, Walk Along John,Walk & Stop.

Section 3- Circle Games & Dances.Introduction; Acting Out Games & Dances; Songs for Acting-Out Games: Ring Around the Rosie, Willum, Teddy Bear, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Sally Go Round the Sun, Little Sally Waters, OliverTwist, Looby Loo, Did You Ever See a Lassie, Oats Peas Beans & Barley Grow, Dashing Away with a Smoothing Iron, Old Roger Is Dead, Do Do Pity My Case, Jenny Jones.

Partner Choosing Games; Songs for Partner Choosing Games: Bow Wow Wow, Green Grows the Willow Tree, London Bridge, The Farmer in the Dell, The Muffin Man, Circle Round the Zero, Circle Round the Zero II.

Chase Games; Songs for Chase Games: A-Tisket A-Tasket, I Wrote a Letter to My Love, The Mill Wheel, Kitty Kitty Casket, Charlie Over the Ocean, Mouse Mousie, Chickany Chickany Craney Crow, Cut the Cake, Little Swallow.

Games with Arch Forming; Songs for Games with Arch Forming: Here Comes a Bluebird, Redbird, Ti-de-o, Go In & Out the Window, London Bridge Is Falling Down, London Bridge Is Broken Down, Threading the Needle, Oranges & Lemons.

Winding Games; Songs for Winding Games: Wind the Wool, Wind the Bobbin, Stoopin’ on the Window, Wind Up the Apple Tree, The Alley Alley Oh.

Double Circles; Songs for Games with Double Circles: Happy Is the Miller, John Kanaka, Rig-a-jig-jig, Sailing on the Ocean, I’ve Been to Haarlem, Old Betty Larkin.

Circles with Square Dance Steps; Songs for Circles with Square Dance Steps: Go Round the Mountain, Shake Them ‘Simmons Down, Roll That Brown Jug Down to Town, Golden Ring, Goin’ Down to Cairo, Old Dan Tucker.

Section 4- Singing Squares.Formation & Terms; Songs for Singing Squares: Old Brass Wagon, Captain Jinks, Yankee Doodle, 10 Little Indians, Old Joe Clark, Coats of Navy Blue.

Section 5- Line Games & Dances.Songs for Line Games & Dances: Line Games of Confrontation (Lemonade, How Many Miles to Babylon, The Roman Soldiers); Line Games with Contra Dance Steps (Billy Billy, Amasee, Come My Little Darling, LeadThrough That Sugar & Tea, Paw Paw Patch, I Wonder Where Maria’s Gone, The Noble Duke of York, O Belinda); Contra Dances with Reels (Alabama Gal, Charlie’s Neat & Charlie’s Sweet, Bonavist’ Harbour, The Ryans & the Pittmans).

Section 6- Passing Games.Songs for Passing Games: Button You Must Wander, Cobbler Cobbler, Obwisana, This Way, Al Citron, The Slaves of Job.

Section 7- Clapping Games.Songs for Clapping Games: I’ve Got the Rhythm in My Head, Miss Mary Mack, A Sailor Went to Sea, Weevily Wheat, Stella Ella, Head & Shoulders, Long-Legged Sailor, 4 White Horses, My Landlord.

Section 8- Games That Don’t Fit.Songs for Games That Don’t Fit: Draw a Bucket of Water, March Away to Old Quebec, Great Big House in New Orleans, Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees, Butterfly Dance, Pop Goes the Weasel.

Section 9- Creating Games & Dances.Songs for Creating Dances: Fiddle-De-De, Rocky Mountain, I’s the B’y, Kelligrew’s Soiree, 4 Brown Caribou.

Appendices: Glossary of Movement & Dance Terms, Songs in Teaching Order, National Dance Organizations, Bibliography; Index of Games & Dances, Index of Dance Skills.


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